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#1 DTP Course

Design To Publication (DTP)

DTP, which is popular and short form of Desk Top Publishing is one of the major sources of selfemployment in our country. But we go one step forward & changed “Desk Top Publishing” to “Design To Publishing”. Any student can start his or her career in DTP and rise to become a professional graphic designer or even animator.

  • DTP, which is popular and short form of Desk Top Publishing is one of the major sources of selfemployment in our country. But we go one step forward & changed “Desk Top Publishing” to “Design To Publishing”. Any student can start his or her career in DTP and rise to become a professional graphic designer or even animator.

    The book is divided into three sections:

    1. Word, CorelDraw,
    2. Photoshop, Illustrator,
    3. InDesign, Pagemaker and Print.
    Each section includes approximately 10 chapters, each self-contained but build also on previously learned procedures. Each chapter is divided into smaller modules. This building-block approach enables you to maximize your learning process.

    Screen Differences
    As you practice each concept, illustrations of the screens help you follow the instructions. Don't worry if your screen is slightly different from the illustration. These differences are due to variations in system and computer configurations.

    Unique Features of this book:
    Includes color screen shots for learning in an effective manner. Includes specific notes & tips. You will learn both how to write statistical formulas using Excel & how to use Excel's drop-down menus that will create the formulas for you. Practical examples of problems. Providing working example file.

  • High-end desktop publishing programs, such as Adobe InDesign and QuarkXPress, feature lots of tools to help designers produce stunning pages. But these programs are expensive, and novices require training to use them, factors that render their acquisition difficult to justify for most small businesses. Microsoft's own Publisher program is a step down from those applications in both power and price, but not every version of Office includes Publisher, and it cost separately.
    However, chances are good that you already own a copy of Microsoft Word, and that software has a host of desktop publishing tools that you can use to produce pages that rival the output of the best layout artist. If you need to create documents with drop caps, pull quotes, columns, text that wraps around images, and similar desktop publishing elements, you can do so in Word. The only problem is that these tools are scattered all across Word's Ribbon user interface, and some are buried deep in arcane menus. In this chapter you learn where to find them, how to make the most of them.
    CorelDraw helps in the creation of graphics design, page layout, and photo editing , typo graph, logo, sharp-edged artistic illustrations e.g. cartoons, clip art, complex geometric patterns etc. Through the years ,Corel has built a reputation for delivering trusted products that are easy to learn and use and has also help the users achieve new levels of productivity. CorelDraw is one of the image-creating programs in a suite of graphic arts software used by professional artists, educators, students, businesses and the general public. The CorelDraw Graphics, which includes CorelDraw, is sold as stand-alone software and as a cloud-based subscription. CorelDraw is the core of the graphics suite and is primarily used for vector illustrations and page layouts.
    Photoshop is one of the premiere graphics software packages used in conjunction with desktop publishing projects. It is a graphics editor developed and published by Adobe Systems that allows you to create, modify, combine and optimize digital images. It contains a large variety of images editing features; one of its most powerful capabilities is Filters. Photoshop creates sophisticated images for both print and the Web. After you edit your work, you can use your images in variety of ways. Photoshop lets you print your images, save them in a format suitable for use on a Web page or prepare them for use in a page-layout program.
    Illustrator is a vector-based imaging program. Unlike Photoshop, which deals in pixels (raster images), this one deals in lines and algorithms for various shapes. It functions by generating curved paths connected by modifiable anchor points. These anchors, with their handles, are ultimately editable and never "leave" the structure of the file. Adobe Illustrator creates vector graphics made of lines and curves defined by mathematical objects called vectors.
    Vectors describe graphics according to their geometric characteristics. For example, a bicycle tire in a vector graphic is made up of a mathematical definition of a circle drawn with a certain radius, set at a specific location, and filled with a specific color. You can move, resize, or change the color of the tire without losing the quality of the graphic.
    Adobe InDesign is a desktop publishing software application produced by Adobe. Which can be used to create posters, brochures, magazines, newspapers and books. InDesign can also publish content suitable for tablet devices in conjunction with Adobe Digital Publishing Suite. Graphic designers and production artists are the principal users, creating and laying out periodical publications, posters, and print media. It also supports export to EPUB and SWF formats to create e-books and digital publications, including digital magazines, and content suitable for consumption on tablet computers. In addition, InDesign supports XML, style sheets and other coding mark-up, making it suitable for exporting tagged text content for use in other digital and online formats.
    PageMaker is a document layout program that has extensive typographic controls, page design capabilities, and customization options. You can add, create, import, and arrange text and graphics and then place them anywhere on the page. PageMaker can also be used as a word processor (complete with a spell check) when in the Story Editor mode (found under the Edit menu). A word of caution, however: saving a document takes longer in PageMaker than in Word and the file size is larger too. Due to this, it is recommended that you create your text documents in Word, unless your text is relatively short.
    Print communication is one of the strongest and powerful media of mass communication which is growing very rapidly. Books, newspapers and magazines come to mind most often when people think about printed products. Everyone is familiar with such products. Print is power. According to famous saying “Book lives longer than author himself” and “Book is an indispensable document in its own field” also establishes the importance of print.
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